JSlither Open Source



Chrome Addon open source server create for github. Fun awaits you in minutes, by creating your own server anymore, you can invite your friends to the game team battle you can. Please continue to follow us and be informed immediately of the world’s most up-to-date innovation in mode and skins website. An open source nodejs server implementation for


  1. make sure you have nodejs installed.
  2. install nodejs ws: npm install ws

Running the server

  1. start the server with: node server.js
  2. go to
  3. paste in browser console: sos = [{ip: "your.ip.adress", po: yourPortNumber, ac: 132, ptm: 12}];
  4. click on play

Currently, the server is in a very early stage. Just a few packets are implemented. A real gameplay is actually not done. Thank’s to all guys helping to create some funny stuff!

Download GitHub Project



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