Game Summary


Slither.IO. A game developers call not March 30 in the United States has launched wait the shot of game at all. Developers have not paid for advertising, but all of a sudden, everyone was playing the game all over the world! It was first played at the date of publication of the Bodil40. This increases the number of players in a significant way. Well loved as his girlfriend and hated .io, he started to started complaining less developed and players. The developer does not growth, but they began to add servers. The offset is dropped, the gameplay was smooth, but people were having problems client-side. Developers are still busy to optimize the game and increase performance.

Pewdiepie he started a week later to play April 7. The site was created on which you read this article now. The player base has begun to grow, more into play more and more people. Immediately, developers are still doing their best to write better code, and to make the game faster and more fun for everyone. They complement other servers for almost all countries of the world to make nice with the hope for all. Notice Slitherio

At the time of writing, which is less than 2 weeks after the first start of the game, the game is already very good and entertaining, but it lacks a certain number of points. For example, there no music yet, which is a popular feature of players. the people were all kinds of things, such as part to play, multiple game modes, power-ups, cosmetics such as hats, more skins and many others ask madman and genius of ideas. The game attracts a lot of people creative and inspired many people.

In my opinion, the game is a cross between some games such as fever curve, and snake. You are a snake that is constantly in motion, and you have other people come in the crash of your body. The game is so simple, but loved by people like this. And it is not very announced, so I expect the game in the future much more to grow as more people find and discover the pure joy as skins.

faviconNow on the game itself. It is a fast game where you are a snake. Other snakes kill through the head to crash your body. the Genius concept, if you ask me. Very easy, and still pending execution so much fun and so good. You can parties of the mass to increase your length, similar to, who was one of my favorite games come together for awhile. Simple concept, the graphics simple and good gameplay. Slippery is a little easier than Agar.IO has some heavy websites with tactics and it has a few qualified serious players who play. Well, I say not that slippery fact, that there is more than one kind of “easy to learn, difficult to master” thing is simply not. ” Not that this is bad at all.
Then you have the graphics, which I think the same thing as in the gameplay; easy, but Oh so incredible well thought and executed. The game consists of a few basic elements: a simple gray background with hexagons on it. Snakes consist of circles can mashed together, and these circles of different colors and color patterns, called “Skins”. You can choose the skin you prefer.


In my opinion, these skins reflect a kind of personality for each snake. The Rainbow Serpent are the friendliest. Then you have the snakes with a simple model like the color blue-white-blue-white, blue-yellow-blue-yellow, red-white or white-red, or simply solid. They are somewhere in the Middle, they are not aggressive, but if you attack them, they attack again. Finally, you have the aggressive snakes that like to have their own opinion, as any snake with its flag, or 4chan and Reddit skins.



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